Thursday, May 24, 2018

Property management

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Saturday, May 12, 2018

Investing in Kenyan real estate: Houses for sale in Kenya

Kenya has great potential for real estate investment in all dimensions. Whether you want to buy a ready home house, land to construct in your own style or commercial property, there are all the benefits of investing in Kenyan real estate. And because of the many benefits, you must not be too emotional in making decisions. In fact, there are several points for consideration before making that bold decision of investing in Kenyan real estate market. Like for instance, you must ascertain the validity of all the documents of the property in question. You must also be sure of the zoning of the property and whether the land rates and taxes have been settled to the last acquisition date. People have been swindle in many ways and so it is necessary to check if there are any caveats or caution against the property or any unresolved disputes on ownership.
It is only when the thorough and effective due diligence has been done and all necessary answers are given and confirmed, that’s the time you can start the process of purchase and making a commitment. However, if you are not sure of how to go about all these processes, it may be necessary for you to seek for the services of a certified property lawyer to do the work for you. The other hurdle is that of finances. In the event that you are securing a loan from the financial institutions, it is important that you understand fully the cost of that loan and the flexibility in repayments terms. Many financial institutions will be ready to finance anybody investing in Kenya real estate because of the ready and tangible security. You must not be in a hurry by appending your signature before you understood the tiny writings on the terms of the loan. And with that alertness stage covered well, let us discuss briefly look at some ways one can invest in property in Kenya.
Buying land
This is the most common real estate investment in Kenya. It is very appealing because of its appreciation in value. Many people often buy land and resell at a profit to satisfy the real estate slogan, don’t wait to buy, buy and wait. Nonetheless, we have several ways of adding value to the land investment. You could just do a simple fencing, connect it to power and water and construct an access road to it. This way, though the land value does appreciate, you shall have added your bargaining power to the sale date.
Building residential property
Residential property is a very flourishing investment in Kenya. Subject to the availability of finances, an investor can buy land, build residential units either for rentals or sale. It is a very fast rated investment and if this is your area of interest, then investing in Kenyan real estate should be your starting point.
Commercial Real estate
Finally, is the investing in the commercial real estate? This is another highly profitable venture. In fact, it is more rewarding than the residential property. The reason for this is very direct and simple, it is base on the lease agreements with the tenants which is usually for periods not less than five years with clauses addressing issues relating to rent increment. These clauses guarantee the owner to get incremental income from the property as stipulated in the lease agreement for the lease period. It is highly profitable to take this advantage of investing in Kenyan real estate business today. With the knowledge you now have, you can consider browsing through West Kenya Real Estate website for the many properties listed there and let's drive your investment achievement now and into the future.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Prime Plot for Sale 0.03ha Mamboleo Junction Ksh2.5M

Prime Plot for Sale 0.03ha Mamboleo Junction Ksh2.5M: This is a Mamboleo junction hot property that you don’t look at twice. It can be grabbed anytime. Its location is so it’s ideal and the environment is serene. You can do commercial property there as well as residential apartments or house. The choice is yours. Key Features of this Mamboleo Junction Plot: It’s situated…

Sunday, April 8, 2018

Kisumu Real Estates Investment Prospect

The Kisumu real estate investment prospect just like any other part of the world operates in cycles and seasons. And in Kenya, the cycles are closely associated with the general elections. Like in the last years’ election, the prospect was relatively low but now that the election is done, many people are back to business and looking forth for smart uptake.
The Kisumu real estate market is quite diversified in terms of the revenue it attracts besides the geography, the topography and type of land in the region. The goodness of Kisumu is based on its diversity of what it offers which is segmented into either high, middle or low-income type. Kisumu is also diverse from the prime beach properties along the shows of Lake Victoria to the highlands dotted with large and small-scale farms in Nyabondo and Muhoroni areas bordering the Nandi and Kericho. And from the city part of the County, Kisumu real estate investment prospect is in the areas of retail, office, residential, Industrial and special properties.
The key drivers of real estate market in the lakeside city of Kisumu as already mention includes demographics, income, availability, and cost of credit, government policy, advertising, price, and changing lifestyles taste and preferences. And to understand this market better, we are going to focus on each type including retail, office, residential and industrial sectors.
The retail sector in Kisumu has been on an exponential growth with several malls opening up in various parts of the city. The retail sector has registered serious growth in the region taking up a bigger space of the Kisumu real estate investment prospect. This is an area worth spotting as an investment area since the prospect is very good both now and in the future. The rapid infrastructural development that is being experienced in this region is a plus for the retail sector. Besides the mainstream retail markets or supermarkets, investors can also take the advantage of the growing population and housing in various estates within Kisumu to invest within the estates where there is already huge opportunities.
The growth in the retail submarket is essentially driven by the increased urbanization that comes with the promulgation of the 2010 constitution that ushered in the new governance in the counties through devolution. This has triggered a growing and empowered middle-class income earners with an enhanced purchasing power. This together with their (middle-class income earners) changing consumer patterns as well formalization of retail activities investing in Kisumu real estate in the retail sector is an opportunity that will not disappoint.
Finally, the increased demand for retail space has made Kisumu real estate investment prospect to be among the leading retail destinations in the Republic of Kenya. Therefore if this is your area of interest, Kisumu should be your best option when considering areas of retail investment destinations. However, if you need more information about this area of business along the lakeside city of Kisumu, you can always talk to us at West Kenya Real Estate Company and we will help you the best way we can. This is your time to reap from your years of savings and making sacrifices. Don’t let it go because if you do, the opportunity may not come looking for you the next time.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Kisumu County land for sale: Houses for sale in Kisumu

Since the promulgation of the new constitution in August 2010, the old regional provinces and districts were abolished and the 47 Counties became in force. Kisumu County is among the counties we have today in the Republic of Kenya. The enactment of this new constitution has brought a lot of funds being devolved into the counties making Kisumu County land for sale very lucrative for investment today. Buying a land in Kisumu in this point of time is the best decision you can make for your family and those in your lineage.And having said that, the question that is lingering in your mind now is ‘why should one invest in Kisumu County?” I will tell you why giving examples and facts why you should be among the first to seize the investment opportunities in this great lake side county for your investment destination.
The various real estate companies in Kisumu County are offering a wide range investment activities for clients to take up and some of those opportunities are in the buying and selling of land,urban houses for sale, beautiful villas, and apartments with fine furnishing for sale, tailor made mansions, office spaces for sale and rentals, pocket friendly bungalows and bedsitters for middle income earners and many more for affordability. This is very productive as it vividly explains the value attached to the Kisumu County land for sale. If you’ve been keen, you must have noticed that even though several investment have been listed above, but they all have one common denominator which is land. That is why as West Kenya real Estate Company incorporated in Kenya with a registered office in Kisumu, land is very key to us even as we give our professional advice to our esteemed clients about their investment needs.
Therefore, if you want to remain relevant in your investment during thing high peek and competition, you must associate with the right partners lest you sink in the pit of pain. West Kenya Real Estate will be there to help you professionally with all your investment needs. But it is important to appreciate that whether your interest is in settling in an upmarket suburb of Kisumu, a beach plot area in the shows of Lake Victoria or within the rich agricultural land with productive soil in the County we will be there for you and guide you all the way from the beginning to the end and ensure that your investment is safe guarded for prosperity. And as you consider calling us, take note that the possibilities in this county are endless and Kisumu offers an incomparable landscape for real estate investigators.
Finally, when considering your investment priorities, it is advisable to be thorough in checking the viability of the property (land) and whether it is equipped with all the facilities needed to make it habitable. The land should have access to water, electricity and it is important to check the possibility of having internet access as well as sewerage connectivity. The availability of such facilities will have great impact on the ultimate purchasing price. Before settling on any particular Kisumu County land for sale, it is also wise to research on the prices of similar properties within the neighborhood just to see and compare if there is value for money. This way you will have an idea of whether the asking price is a fair deal. You may want to engage the services of a lawyer to make sure the whole process is done orderly in all spectrum of the law and in an accountable manner.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Prime plots for sale in Kisumu

How have you planned for your life after employment? Are you staying in a rental house right now and years are rolling faster than you thought to achieve your dream house? These and much more are concerns that people have when they are setting goals. I believe even as you read this article now, there are certain objectives you had set but the circumstances of life just won’t let you meet them. If I am addressing your situation, this message is specifically tailored for you. Did you know that you could get prime plots for sale in Kisumu that fits within your budget conveniently? Am I surprise you with this revelation? If I am, then you are the right person for this piece of information.
prime plots for sale in kisumu
Kisumu has grown and is still growing for you to make it your home of choice. Many people have desired to do so but they just don’t know how to start or whom to talk to for direction. If you are enclosed in that bracket of ignorance, I want to introduce you to the West Kenya Real Estate management company founded in Kenya and is based in Kisumu just to help you make progress towards buying one of the many prime plots for sale in Kisumu today. You can talk to us at any convenient time with all the details of your investment needs and we will work for hand in hand with you towards realizing that suit dream. Our happiness is to see every investor who passes through our hands live happily in their new home after getting a prime plot for sale in Kisumu.
The available prime plots for sale in Kisumu are spread through various estates within the urban part of Kisumu and are suitable for the various development including construction of residential or rental houses, commercial properties, and even agricultural agribusiness) activities. Of course, the land suitable for agricultural activities is not within the CBD but on the outskirt of the CBD like in Muhoroni, Chemelil, Nyando area among many other areas. With that well communicated, you can now begin seeing how potential Kisumu is for your real estate development. Therefore, the time for implementing your lifelong dream of owning your own home can only begin by acquiring one of the prime plots for sale in Kisumu.
Finally, we are very much aware of the difficulties people often have when making monthly savings. It is never easier to save money and because you have made lots of sacrifices doing so, you can’t afford to begin making mistakes. If you are wondering about the kind of mistakes am talking about, I will help erase the wonder from your mind. Take a look at this picture, after denying yourself for years raising funds, you meet a dishonest real estate property agent who takes you through a land transaction that is not real or legal. Maybe he takes you to a government land for future public development. If this was to happen, you can lose all your years of savings and miss the point big time. It can be very frustrating and that is why even though there are many prime plots forsale in Kisumu, you need to associate yourself with the right partners from the beginning to the end so that such mistakes can be avoided in good time. 
  • "It feels so nice to own a land thanks to West Kenya Real Estate. When I saw your advert on Facebook, I didn't believe it until when I come to your office. Thanks for the help in buying my first plot.!"
    Brigit Akinyi, Kisumu
  • "Thanks to West Kenya Real Estate, I bought land in Busia and got my title while am away in Netherlands. I only linked them with My Mum and everything they did for my mum. Keep the good work.!"
    Lewis Opiayo, Netherlands