Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Important things to consider while investing in Kisumu real estates

This is a fast growing sector over the last couple of years. It has tons to give to all the stakeholders’ i.e. the Land owners, properties buyers, Properties seller, local residents and even expatriates communities that want to get into the kisumu real estate business in Kisumu County.
The very first move you might need to ascertain who exactly owns the land/ property and be certain that you are buying from a truthful and bonafide Owner/ seller. This is certainly specifically done to curb land grabbers, fraudsters, greedy land agents and lawyers.
There are a few lawyers whom land owners entrust with their properties, therein whenever a client is in desperate need of the particular property, they tag along outrageous prices just to fatten their pockets. This trend has also been identified in Kisumu County whereby Agents with brief case offices without legal document of operating kisumu real estate business tend to nurture this greed and shameful act in excess of quoting the very property price to the prospective buyer. This nuisance has derailed the real estate growth within the lake side city by a huge percentage, whereby the willing buyer and willing seller act is barricaded partially.
Secondly, you will have to acquire each of the necessary documents regarding the property e.g. title deeds, grants, certificates, land treaty etc these documents e.g. the title deeds must be reviewed by the Government via land registrar offices and still have a land valuation performed to the property in the marketplace. There's a fee for all of these searches and inquiries which are at the buyers expenses.
Thirdly you'll have to have a look at documents just by yourself and be associated with all steps linked to purchasing the property. You will also might want to engage a private lawyer to help you look into documents as a precaution before making any payment to the seller.
From here if things are all proper and the land doesn’t have any disputes or squabbles, then you have already the green light to pay out either the ten percent of the property as the norms or perhaps even paying all at once, the choice is yours. Though it’s a smart idea to pay 10 percent during search then completion when the results are out hence positive and corresponding to what’s written on the title deed.
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