Monday, February 16, 2015

Kisumu Real Estate Leading From The Front In Economic Development

Real estate sector has taken an upward rise in Kisumu over the recent past closely paralleling and at times surpassing major economic drivers like agriculture. This is because with real estate, you can be assured of appreciation and continued growth of your investment even in times when the economy is on the low. Some places present better investment opportunities than other places, Kisumu being one of them. Places like Nairobi previously dominated the real estate industry but now real estate Kisumu is now giving major towns a run for their money in terms of economic growth. In fact prices of land and property in Kisumu are rising at such a rate that owners are seeing their investments doubling or tripling in value after every three years, and this trend is set to continue going by the current statistics. This has significantly grabbed the attention of investors into the Kisumu real estate industry and more investors have been recorded streaming into the County annually.
Kisumu County has room for all classes of people, from low class to middle class and even the upper class. Riat estate which is situated on top of mamboleo hills presents a perfect opportunity for high end investors looking to have the view of the lake. It is also among the best places to build a mansion. For middle class members of the society there are several estates like Lolwe and Tom mboya which can accommodate them. 
Infrastructural development is another reason why Kisumu real estate has gained popularity over the years to become one of the most sought after places for investment. There are various means of transport like road transport, rail transport, air and even water transport. Accessibility is very important when looking to buy land in any part of the country. Kisumu also boasts of very strong phone signals making communication efficient in the area.
With the tourism sector up on its feet within the region, this presents a great opportunity to invest in other areas that can be supported by tourism activities. Such ventures include the transport sector (cabs), hotel sector and even real estate itself.
The rising population in Kisumu offers both man power as well as a market for investment in farming. The locals offer labor services at a very cheap rate. The farm produce can be sold to the locals. This has helped to attract investors with ambitions of large scale farming.                             
Kisumu is a town which is yet to fully reach its potential, that is to say it is still growing meaning there is still a lot to be done in terms of investment. There is the fishing industry which is not being fully utilized. There is need to expand the fishing sector and export more fish abroad to bring in more money for investors as well as government revenue.
With these factors at play, Kisumu real estate sector can only get better and more is yet to come out of this beautiful lakeside town.

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