Saturday, May 9, 2015

How to maximize on agricultural land for sale Kenya

Kenya has got the largest, most diversified economy in East Africa with agriculture being the backbone of the Kenyan economy and a requirement of the government’s development strategy. More than 75% of Kenyans earn section of their living from agriculture and the sector accounts for the majority of the Country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It is expected that with such vitality to the Country’s economy, all stakeholders in the agricultural sector would accord agriculture the necessary support required though this is rather on the contrary as agricultural land for sale Kenya goes on to lag behind other sectors of the economy.

While the Country’s population has continued to grow rapidly, the agricultural productivity has continued to stagnate through the years thereby posing critical challenges to food security in the Country. This has resulted to many people looking forward to foreign aid with 2-4 million people receiving food aid annually. This is in spite of the fact that largest portion of lands in Kenya are viable for farming as well as other agricultural activities like livestock and poultry keeping. It's quite notable that considerable numbers of these lands are not being fully utilized leaving considerable potential for increase in productivity.
Governmental authorities and all the relevant stakeholders should jointly provide measures to be certain that the production levels in agriculture reach the highest possible heights. This requires a well laid down plan with every financial boost needed to propel this vital sector to further heights. Currently, most farmers work without basic agricultural inputs or updated technology and they lack adequate financial services. Governmental authorities must provide the large scale farmers with vital seeds for panting or alternatively offer them at reduced prices so as to encourage the existing farmers and also to entice a greater number of people into venturing into farming.
There's also need to avail loans facilities or financial aid to farmers to assist them boost their production. In the event of loans, the interest rates ought to be significantly reduced and then the repayment period extended to make certain that the repayment process is not so burdensome to the farmers.
Advanced and modern technology ought to be availed to farmers to ascertain maximum production level is realized. Most farmers still use outdated technology which cannot guarantee maximum production that's needed to feed the ever growing Kenyan population.
There's a demand to expand and help in market growth for agricultural products. This can be done by developing reforms to handle policy constraints, roads and market access promotion. Governmental authorities ought to ease the policies and rules governing accessibility of the Kenyan market in order that same can be reciprocated in other Countries. It will enable farmers to sell their produce with much ease.
Suitable irrigation schemes ought to be put up especially in arid and semi arid sections of Kenya to make certain that they are not marginalized in farming activities. The fact is this can be a great boost to the sector since these are the most famine prone areas.
Lastly, more Kenyans should be educated and enlightened on the primacy of agriculture in the Kenyan economy and that they really should be caused to see agriculture as a source of employment by itself. It will greatly improve the agricultural land for sale Kenya as more individuals may opt for agriculture.

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